• DHD DNA by Mick Fanning - Tour Tail
  • DHD DNA by Mick Fanning - Round Tail


$715 USD
For all orders and inquiries please email sales@dhdsurf.com

The ‘DNA’ is Mick's go to competition board.

This is the exact board has the exact dimensions and construction that Mick surfs in competition.

You now have the opportunity to ride what a 3 x World Champion rides.


Glassing — Stock (4x4x4) OR Custom order as Team Lite (4x4xToe)

Rocker/Concave — MF Signature Rocker with Single to Double Concave

Carbon — White Carbon Innegra Toe Patches

Tail — New ‘Tour Tail’ with a slight hip added for more drive

Fins — Thruster, 3 Fin *FCS 2 or Futures

The JNR sized MF DNA JNR has the same design and construction that Mick Fanning surfs in competition but scaled down to suit.

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